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‘Anatomy Of A Marketing Email’ SendGrid Webcast

   |  29 Nov, 2015

Below is a free video recording of a rather insightful webcast that SendGrid put together several weeks back, which discussed some of the basic concepts involved when putting together a business marketing email.

If you are not aware of SendGrid, it is an email ‘delivery’ service at its core, and something that we offer here at LittleBizzy (and encourage all of our clients to order). SendGrid presents its services under two main categories:

1) marketing emails (i.e. newsletters)
2) transactional emails (i.e. sent by your site)

Without going into too much detail here, a “transactional” email is any automatically-generated email sent by your website to a user, i.e. receipts or lost password notices, while a “marketing” email is any pro-active, hand-crafted sort of email that targets users and encourages them to take a specific action, i.e. purchase a new product, or signup for a new service.

As LittleBizzy is moving towards promoting the MailPoet Premium plugin for email newsletters, more and more of our hosting customers are now using the SendGrid service as a delivery tool for both of these email categories.

This video is a great visual overview to basic email marketing design, branding, and usability. You may also wish to follow along with a nifty SlideShare presentation that SendGrid offered alongside this webcast narration.

Of course, there are certain concepts and “best practices” that can apply to both “marketing” emails as well as “transactional” emails when possible; however, in some cases the transactional emails that your site sends may be less within your control. (Perhaps in a future blog post, we will discuss how to gain more control over the design and presentation of automated transactional emails that your WordPress or WooCommerce website sends out.)

If you are hosted with LittleBizzy but haven’t signed up for SendGrid yet, be sure to check it out (and order it!).

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Last modified:  29 Nov, 2015