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About Us

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The internet is transforming small and medium businesses (SMBs) at an exponential pace. Smartphones now drastically outnumber desktop computers as web-savvy users research local services — let alone everything else — from the palm of their hand, even as they drive around town. On top of this, over 40% of the American workforce is predicted to be working as “freelancers” by the year 2020, as traditional jobs and tasks yield to new technology. For both consumers and business owners, the internet is not just driving decisions and sales, but it now makes up the infrastructure of our daily lives…

Clearly, the future of commerce — especially for SMBs — will be online. Gone are the days when small businesses could succeed merely by getting listed in the local phone book and crossing their fingers; whatever your feelings about the internet may be, the truth is that if you don’t embrace new technology, your competitors will pass you by.

“The innovation that this industry talks about so much is bullshit. Anybody can innovate. Don’t do this big, ‘Think different’ innovation thing. Screw that; it’s meaningless.

99% of it is ‘Get the work done.’ That’s my least favorite part of the technology news cycle: the constant innovation and new ideas, ‘This will revolutionize,’ all that hype – that’s not where the real work is. The real work is in the details.”

Linus Torvalds, Founder of Linux

From our perspective, it’s not that the wheel needs re-inventing, but simply that “the wheel” is always going to be a crucial piece of the online puzzle — and there will always be room for improvement.

Bridging The Knowledge Gap

What might now be referred to as “Web 3.0” has seen the implementation of not only social media into mainstream business marketing strategies, but also enterprise-grade APIs, cloud-based SaaS services, and all sorts of digital tools. Along with this phenomenal shift, the expectations of both your customers and power-holders like Google continue to rise exponentially — beyond the common knowledge of a typical SMB business owner.

While this trend might not worry large corporations with dedicated in-house IT staff, how exactly are smaller companies supposed to keep up with the latest technology, while still finding time to run their business?

That’s precisely where LittleBizzy comes in… phew!

After years in this industry, we understand rather intimately that most small business owners simply do not have the time (or interest, sometimes) to keep up with all the latest web technology. At the rate that new tools and services come out, it’s a full-time job trying to keep up with and compare all the options and recommendations out there — thankfully, it’s OUR full-time job!

By breaking down the “hosting” decision process into a boutique collection of the best options available, we’ve been able to greatly simplify web technology in extremely affordable and effective ways.

Improved Decision Efficiency

I mean, sure, the local pizza shop can probably figure out how to post coupons to their Facebook page, or setup a credit card reader — but how are SMBs supposed to know which technologies are best for their homepage? What if that pizza shop wants to accept online orders to compete with the likes of Dominos, or manage a monthly email newsletter — but they don’t even know where to begin?

There are now 3 things that your website MUST achieve in order to succeed:

  • lightning-fast loading speed
  • cutting edge security (i.e. SSL certificates)
  • support for mobile devices

Our #1 goal is to make lightning-fast and extremely stable websites available to companies of all sizes. We want you to “come” for the speed and optimization, and “stay” for the customer service and holistic approach that our services offer.

Our History And Members

LittleBizzy was founded initially in 2011 as a general website management service for several clients in the United States. Although the service was based on WordPress, it was more focused on general design and marketing (SEO) services without a clear focus or sensible product list. After winding the LittleBizzy brand down for a few years and fighting off a frivolous $1 million SLAPP lawsuit filed against LittleBizzy by Neumont University — a for-profit college from Utah that was trying to censor student reviews from the CollegeTimes website — LittleBizzy founder Jesse Nickles began dabbling more in the world of LEMP server stack configuration and loading speed optimization for WordPress-based websites.

Eventually, this new focus lead to a 6+ month experiment on oDesk, the largest freelancing marketplace on the web, in which a radically new approach to managed WordPress hosting was put to the test; ultimately, the aggressive outreach on oDesk (now Upwork) paid off and resulted in a staggering amount of public praise and loyal new WordPress clients. Jesse and his team are now fully invested in growing and improving managed WordPress hosting for LittleBizzy with a narrow focus on server optimization, alongside a “boutique” collection of add-on services.

Our Web Hosting Technology

Many small businesses might not care so much about the geeky details of web hosting servers, and that is fine! But for those interested, take comfort in knowing that LittleBizzy has partnered with DigitalOcean, the fastest growing cloud VPS provider in the world. Based purely on SSD hard drives in the fastest datacenters across the world, their system provides LittleBizzy clients with exceptional performance. But it doesn’t stop there! We also place all of our clients on CloudFlare, a revolutionary DNS technology based on Anycast TCP that not only speeds up the resolution of your domain name, but also provides very strong protection against hackers, brute force and spam robots, and full-scale DDOS attacks.

On top of all that, our team offers a boutique collection of cutting-edge web services for our clients to choose from, including Google Apps, SendGrid, and more. All hosting plans also include a free CodeGuard account which securely backs up your website files and database to remote Amazon servers every single night… now THAT is some serious peace of mind.

Our “Above and Beyond” Way

LittleBizzy services are all backed by our Above and Beyond guarantee. What this means is that our team makes a conscious effort to go beyond what the bullet points of our packages offer — whenever possible, we go farther to help your company succeed, whether it’s performing a few WordPress tweaks, emailing you a tip or useful link, or etc. Ultimately, if we aren’t making your “web hosting” easier, we are doing something wrong, so please let us know.

Company Policies And Mumbo Jumbo

All customers that purchase services from LittleBizzy agree to fully abide by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You may contact us at anytime, and we look forward to helping your business succeed online. Cheers!

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Local Business

"After being hosted on GoDaddy for years, I didn't realize how negatively it was impacting my search traffic. Soon after moving to LittleBizzy, my homepage went from page 3 on Google to #1 world-wide for my target market, and I also reached the top 3 on Google Maps, with no additional SEO work."

Juliette S.

High Traffic

"Before moving to LittleBizzy, whenever our news website was featured on the Drudge Report, it often slowed to a crawl or even froze up during big traffic spikes. Now, that never happens anymore, and we've been able to focus on publishing more articles instead of worrying about our web hosting."

Tony H.


"The research by Amazon is definitely true, because our slow WooCommerce store was bleeding sales. After LittleBizzy stabilized our performance and moved us closer to our target customers, we saw a measurable improvement in shopping cart checkouts, esp. during holidays... much better!"

Mohammed H.

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