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Speed, security, and stability. These are the foremost values of LittleBizzy’s unique environment, and the reason why our clients graciously send us so many referrals. We know all too well what it’s like hiring freelancer after freelancer, trying to speed up your WordPress website or diagnose strange errors, while your web hosting company does absolutely nothing!

Allow our team to pleasantly surprise you with a FREE setup and migration experience that you never thought possible, followed by a long-term relationship that installs LittleBizzy as your “remote” IT department to take care of all technical worries (including 24/7 monitoring) so you can get back to what really matters: growing your business…

Managed WordPress Hosting (Choose Plan)

Standard Plan ($20/mo)

Some serious bang for your buck, as long as you don't overdo it.

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Business Plan ($40/mo)

Double the CPU & double the RAM for WooCommerce (etc).

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Premium Plan ($80/mo)

For MySQL intensive sites that need an extra dose of caching.

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Enterprise Plan ($160/mo)

Top notch performance & security, with cherries on top.

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Superior Plan ($320/mo)

For super high traffic sites that need maximum CPU power.

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IMPORTANT:  Business Plan or higher is required for any site running WooCommerce, MemberMouse, BuddyPress, WPML, or other highly intensive read/write plugins. Feel free to contact us for a VPS recommendation suited to your needs.

The LittleBizzy Difference: Why Choose Us?

In most cases, when a web hosting company creates a "Why Us" section, it is filled with vague platitudes about customer service or other feel-good ambiguities, without offering any specifics on what makes them truly different. Here at LittleBizzy, however, we have a rather definitive list of features that you truly won't find anywhere else:

  • every single site includes free migration
  • every single site runs on Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP 7, and MySQL 5.7
  • every single site requires no contract whatsoever
  • every single site is on a dedicated VPS (and IP address)
  • every single site includes DNS management
  • every single site is on SSD drives running KVM virtualization
  • every single site supports IPV6, HTTP/2, and Gzip
  • every single site defends against DDOS, brute force, and XML-RPC attacks
  • every single site enforces Bcrypt passwords, and scans for malware
  • every single site offers free SSL certificates (Comodo)
  • every single site is powered by Anycast DNS
  • every single site provides advanced caching options
  • every single site comes with CodeGuard backup/restore management
  • every single site displays error logging directly in WP Admin
  • every single site resets file permissions every hour
  • every single site is pre-optimized with Must Use plugins

Finding a stable, secure, and lightning-fast hosting provider is a key element of competitive small business; after all, if your homepage is not accessible 24/7 and free of loading errors, then eventually your reputation suffers, and ultimately, your bottom line also suffers. That's why LittleBizzy chose DigitalOcean and Vultr with their SSD drives, KVM virtualization, and cutting edge datacenters to power every single one of our valued clients. But what does this mean for your company?

If you are here, it's because you already know and love WordPress, the world's most popular (and free) CMS. But choosing a suitable hosting provider for WordPress is trickier than it seems — after all, nearly every web hosting company out there "supports" WordPress — but how many actually provide an infrastructure well suited to the software, or are designed to provide real solutions to small business owners? (i.e. streamlined billing, management, and decision making). Most "cheap" shared hosting providers these days are still using old-fashioned Apache + cPanel servers, which not only slows down your website drastically, but also brings inherent security risks into the mix. In contrast, all of LittleBizzy's customers receive a dedicated IP address with a slimmed down, highly secure and super fast Nginx server on Ubuntu Linux. Not only that, but every site in our network is accelerated and protected even further by CloudFlare, and is also backed up every single night to remote Amazon servers using the phenomenal CodeGuard service with easy restoration options available.

And guess what? That's not all. Not only do we offer some of the most advanced server technology in the world, but our team also provides valuable server management services FREE to all hosting clients. In other words, you don't need to know ANYTHING technical in regard to your server or DNS if you are part of the LittleBizzy family. Our team has one and only purpose and that is taking care of ALL your loading speed worries, system requirements, and security patches!

Last modified:  28 Jan, 2017