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SEO Audit

An extensive, custom SEO audit delivered by Google Sheets.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the art and science of optimizing a website for search engines, with a particular focus on Google due to that company’s overwhelming dominance in the online search industry. SEO is often over-simplified to mean “ranking higher in Google” – in reality, however, quality SEO work (and audits) should take into account not only Google, but all search engines, not to mention server performance, URL structure, social media presence, marketing and branding issues, and many other items (all of which ultimately affect Google’s algorithm, but more importantly, affect your customers’ user experience and brand reputation). For example, many people are under the impression that SEO is merely some secret collection of quick “tricks” to get them ranking higher for a certain search phrase i.e. “best dentist in Dallas”. While quality SEO work can indeed result in such improvements, it is important to realize that SEO is in fact an ever-changing field, and Google’s algorithm in particular has become so intuitive that over-simplifying SEO is not only foolish, but can result in dangerous penalties against your company’s website. In other words, long-term SEO work should nearly always begin with a proper SEO audit so that an expert can take a look at the current standing that your domain has according to Google, across social media, within authority/reference analytics, within speed/optimization scores, and much more. If you are a current LittleBizzy client than you probably have already achieved the #1/#2 most important SEO cornerstones (post-2014) which are fast loading speed and an SSL certificate (along with #3, a mobile-friendly web design). Companies serious about achieving further optimization can leverage our professional SEO audit findings in order to consider their options for additional SEO consulting either from LittleBizzy or another expert provider. You may order an SEO Audit using the link below:

Please note: this SEO audit is primarily concerned with your domain, DNS, server, WordPress setup, URL structure, web design, and on-site issues, and does not include extensive “keyword research” or “Google ranking” reports. As search rankings change multiple times per day now, and also depend greatly on the user’s location, such reporting (at least for auditing purposes) distracts from the important items we believe your company should be more focused on. However, we can suggest some popular keyword/tracking tools to your team if you are interested in monitoring such data in detail.

SEO Audit ($320)

Clients who wish to obtain a detailed on-site SEO audit may order here.
One order per site, please.

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