Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Avoid DNS spoofing and show the web that your site is secure.

DNSSEC, often referred to as DNS Security but actually meaning ‘Domain Name System Security Extensions’ is a powerful and reliable way to protect your website’s domain from all kinds of DNS exploits and hijacking attempts, including DNS Spoofing (a.k.a. DNS Cache Poisoning). Most DNS exploits are an attempt to redirect your legitimate site visitors over to a different server or website in order to literally hijack your brand or business. The reasons for this are plentiful (and often criminal) including the theft of sensitive financial and personal data of your customers or visitors, or siphoning the targeted traffic away from a successful business or website and over to a related one, often for the purpose of introducing malware, phishing attempts, or other foul practices. Over the last several years, DNSSEC has remained a rather complicated concept, however, thanks to our partnership with CloudFlare, we are able to offer this one-time setup service to all LittleBizzy managed hosting clients. Although this service is highly recommended for any website, it should be especially pursued by eCommerce sites, high traffic sites, or other clients that focus on high value niches or deal with sensitive financial or personal data.

Note: this service requires our team to have full access to your domain registrar account, and the related DNSSEC setup will only remain properly setup and functional if you maintain your domain’s registration at the same registrar going forward. In the case that you do migrate your domain, please order this service again.

DNSSEC ($40)

Clients who wish to implement highly secure DNSSEC may order here.
One order per site, please.

Last modified: 26 May, 2017http://bizzy.in/1SihGA4

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