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Site Migration

Complete in/out migration of your WordPress files & database.

This website migration service is not required for first-time account setup on LittleBizzy as we offer 100% free setup and migration to all new websites, even for existing customers who are ordering a new hosting plan. However, this migration service may be required in the event that you decide to “leave” LittleBizzy but then later on come back again and wish to host the exact same website with us again. In addition, we may suggest ordering this service in special situations where a client requests assistance with migrating a certain website not affiliated with LittleBizzy, or in the case that a domain name needs to be changed. When a domain name is changed in our system, that means in effect that we must re-configure the entire VPS server to ensure hostname consistency, so it’s rather similar to setting up an entirely new account.

Before ordering this site migration service, please be in touch with our team to make sure that it’s appropriate for you.

Site Migration ($80)

Clients who wish to migrate their site to/from our cloud may order here.

Last modified:  26 May, 2017