A boutique collection of add-ons exclusively for our customers.

Below is a special collection of services that can be ordered alongside managed hosting, meaning that most of these exclusive add-ons are only available to current LittleBizzy hosting clients who maintain an active subscription with us. To avoid any confusion, we kindly ask that you refrain from ordering more than one of any given service per order, however, please feel free to order at the same time as hosting if applicable (for example, Business Plan + SFTP + SSL + SendGrid, etc).

Please review our New User Guide if you are not sure whether or not you “need” any of these services; in summary, we highly recommend ALL the services listed under the Most Popular category for EVERY site that we host.

Most Popular Services (Recommended)

SFTP Setup ($20)

Encrypted FTP access that is locked to your site's public root.

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SSL Setup ($40)

TLS secures your site, improves your rank & comforts users.

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SendGrid ($40)

Transactional email via API means deliverability & no blacklists.

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DNSSEC ($40)

Avoid DNS spoofing and show the web that your site is secure.

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Google GSC ($40)

Improve your site's search results with a direct line to Google.

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Google Apps ($80)

The best office suite available, with a special nod to Gmail.

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Special Purpose Services (Case-By-Case)

Speed Audit ($80)

A concise analysis of your website, loading speed, & usability.

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SEO Audit ($320)

An extensive & custom SEO audit delivered by Google Sheets.

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MySQL Optimize ($80)

Clean up + optimize your database tables, transients, & more.

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Administrative Services (When Required)

Reactivation ($20)

Clients who need to reactivate a suspended server may order here.

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Restoration ($40)

Clients who need to restore or roll-back CodeGuard may order here.

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Domain Syntax ($40)

Clients who need to modify their domain's syntax may order here.

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Migration ($80)

Clients who wish to migrate their site to/from our cloud may order here.

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Malware Removal ($160)

Clients who wish to receive expert malware removal may order here.

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The following are FREE with most LittleBizzy hosting plans: CloudFlare, CodeGuard, Uptime Monitoring, Managed Updates, Domain Redirects, DNS Management, WP StageCoach, CloudFlare Pro

Last modified:  1 Dec, 2016