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A boutique collection of add-ons exclusively for our clients.

Website Security & Access

Below is a special collection of services that can be ordered alongside managed hosting, meaning that most of these exclusive add-ons are only available to current LittleBizzy hosting clients who maintain an active subscription with us. To avoid any confusion, we kindly ask that you refrain from ordering more than one of any given service per order, however, please feel free to order at the same time as hosting if applicable (for example, Business Plan + SFTP + SSL + SendGrid, etc). Please review our New User Guide if you are not sure whether or not you “need” any of these services; in general, we highly recommend all the services listed under Website Security & Access for every site that we host. Most of the time, web hosts leave you completely on your own when it comes to setting up things like SFTP logins or installing SSL certificates. Rather than leaving things to “chance” and risking critical features being setup poorly, we offer the below managed services to all clients so that you can rest easy instead of wondering if that “freelancer” did his job…


SFTP Access ($20)

Encrypted SFTP access that is locked to your site's public root.

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DNSSEC ($40)

Avoids DNS spoofing and shows the web your site is secure.

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Email API ($40)

Transactional email via API means delivery and no blacklists.

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SSL Setup ($80)

TLS secures your site, improves your rank, and comforts users.

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G Suite ($80)

The best online office suite available with a special nod to Gmail.

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Zoho Apps ($80)

A free and high quality alternative to Google Apps from India.

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Office 365 ($160)

The Microsoft jewel of the business world with multiple levels.

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CDN Setup ($40)

Complete setup and optimization of either CloudFlare or CDN.

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Google GSC ($80)

Includes sitemap.xml and robots.txt setup and GSC optimization.

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Speed Boost ($80)

Expert tweaking and analysis that improves loading speed.

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MySQL Optimize ($80)

Converts all tables to be InnoDB and optimizes stored data.

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Registrar Setup ($160)

Migrate and optimize your domains on a top ICANN registrar.

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SEO Audit ($640)

An extensive and custom SEO audit delivered by Google Sheets.

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Restoration ($40)

Clients who need to restore or roll-back CodeGuard may order here.

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Datacenter ($40)

Clients who wish to migrate their site to/from our cloud

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Migration ($80)

Clients who wish to migrate their site to/from our cloud

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Reactivation ($40)

Clients who need to reactivate a suspended server may order here.

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Domain Redirect ($20)

Forward a top-level domain or email addresses with this service.

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Domain Syntax ($40)

Clients who need to modify their domain's syntax may order here.

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Last modified:  8 Mar, 2019