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SendGrid (Email API)

Transactional email via API means deliverability & no blacklists.

SendGrid is a revolutionary API-based email service that will change the way you do business, to put it lightly. With the so-called Web 3.0 era rapidly changing the way that businesses of all sizes leverage digital media to accomplish better production (think SaaS, APIs, cloud services, etc), email is one technology that has not only remained popular over the years, but continues to score higher in “user trust” than any other form of online communication. What does this mean for your business? Your transactional email system (for lost passwords, purchase receipts, notifications, etc) must be absolutely fast, reliable, and secure, and able to scale as you grow, without causing your website to incur any spam or blacklisting penalties. These days, you should NEVER be sending out WordPress system emails using old-fashioned PHP scripts, as this will surely get your server blacklisted eventually by security companies like SpamHaus, Barracuda, and beyond; likewise, you should also not be relying on SMTP services either as these can easily get your email address red-flagged by Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail (etc) for excessive emailing, spamming, or otherwise. Instead, get with the times by activating SendGrid on your website and get free* usage of our SendGrid partner API forever onward. You may order SendGrid using the link below:

*For high volume (1000+ emails/day) websites, we may ask you to setup a SendGrid subscription.

SendGrid ($40)

Clients who wish to implement SendGrid email API may order here.

Last modified:  26 May, 2017