Every new hosting plan ordered during JUL2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value). Use coupon JUL2019 for free DNSSEC ($39 value).
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Choose any datacenter in the world. We'll setup a dedicated SlickStack VPS server for you and manage it to perfection (24/7). Lightning-fast loading speed, free SSL certificates, and 100+ technical SEO features are included in every hosting plan. Don't be surprised if your traffic and sales skyrocket...

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Why LittleBizzy?

The LittleBizzy Difference: Our Obsession With Quality First.

Quality First is a reference to how we've crafted our unique hosting environment with only the "best" components; from your choice of SSD datacenters in cities around the world, to every single site in our network being hosted on its own dedicated VPS server (no other web host does this), our goal is to maintain an optimized environment that small business owners can truly "set and forget" without worrying about anyone accidentally messing things up!


Dedicated VMs

Every single domain is hosted on a dedicated VPS server.

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46+ Datacenters

SSD drives with IPv4 and IPv6 in any major IEP hub city.

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Free Migration

100% free migration for every single site on our network.

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No Contracts

Auto-pay billing via Stripe that you may cancel anytime.

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Built For Speed

Anycast, HTTP/3, HSTS, Brotli, and FastCGI Cache.

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Free SSL Certs

Free auto-renewing SSL certificates that never expire.

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DNS Management

The only host that monitors your CloudFlare® for you.

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Leading Software

KVM, Ubuntu 20.04, Nginx, PHP 7.4, and MySQL 8.0.

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Remote Backups

Nightly backups of your site to the CodeGuard® cloud.

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Robust Security

24/7 defense from common attacks, risky code, and spam.

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Malware Defense

Regular malware scanning and free cleanup if needed.

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Dev Friendly

Extensive logs, Git support, and staging/dev sites.

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SEO Optimized

Advanced technical SEO features on all hosting plans.

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Premium Plugins

Exclusive integration of our popular WordPress plugins.

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Uptime Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your website to ensure 99.9% uptime.

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Stellar Support

Fast help from our sysadmins, not overseas workers.

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Results For Local Business, High Traffic, And E-Commerce.

Local Business

"After being hosted on GoDaddy for years, I didn't realize how negatively it was impacting my search traffic. Soon after moving to LittleBizzy, my homepage went from page 3 on Google to #1 world-wide for my target market, and I also reached the top 3 on Google Maps, with no additional SEO work."

Juliette S.

High Traffic

"Before moving to LittleBizzy, whenever our news website was featured on the Drudge Report, it often slowed to a crawl or even froze up during big traffic spikes. Now, that never happens anymore, and we've been able to focus on publishing more articles instead of worrying about our web hosting."

Tony H.


"The research by Amazon is definitely true, because our slow WooCommerce store was bleeding sales. After LittleBizzy stabilized our performance and moved us closer to our target customers, we saw a measurable improvement in shopping cart checkouts, esp. during holidays... much better!"

Mohammed H.

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