Here's just a few of the things you can expect from our unique service:

lightning-fast loading speed 24/7/365 Pingdom monitoring best pricing in the industry CloudFlare AnyCast DNS optimized Nginx servers dedicated IP address plugins never "banned" stable Ubuntu 14.04 LTS MySQL 5.6+ databases PHP-FPM 5.5+ (FastCGI) nightly CodeGuard backups no clunky control panels protection from spammers, hackers zero chance of blacklisting improves your SEO fully encrypted SFTP access* WordPress optimization managed software updates Sucuri malware scanning no ridiculous "homemade" features MaxCDN static file delivery** 100% privately owned company SendGrid email delivery caching via Zen Cache support for Google Apps WooCommerce friendly servers hardened esp. for WordPress supports large file uploads full IPv6 compatibility SPDY protocol support free SSL certificates*** available for SEO audits consulting a team that actually cares about you
Well, that's the end of our sales pitch! Please review our plans or apply for hosting.

*We discourage the use of SFTP, as the modern WordPress admin panel is sufficient for most website maintenance and customization tasks. But if SFTP access is required, we kindly ask clients to order it here for a one-time fee.

**MaxCDN is not offered on our Standard Hosting plans, as the VPS is more than sufficient for typical websites.

***Free SSL is a self-signed 2048-bit certificate generated via OpenSSL and installed on your Nginx server. This self-signed certificate encrypts your server's connection to CloudFlare, who in turn will issue a domain-level SSL certificate signed by Comodo for your website so that visitors do not encounter any HTTPS warnings. A solid option for general websites, but eCommerce sites or anyone accepting credit card payments should purchase a DigiCert SSL certificate

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