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According to, every 100ms decrease in loading time results in a 1% increase in online sales. Doesn't your business deserve a better web hosting environment?

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The LittleBizzy Difference: Our Obsession With Quality-First

Our obsession with quality-first is a reference to how we've built our unique hosting environment from the ground up with only the "best" components, whether it be your choice of SSD datacenters in cities around the world, or the fact that every single site in our network is hosted on its own dedicated VPS server. Alongside this is our goal of creating a controlled environment, which small business owners can "set and forget" without worrying about their staff or freelancers accidentally messing things up!

In most cases, when a web hosting company creates a "Why Us" section, it is filled with vague platitudes about customer service or other feel-good vibes, without offering any specifics on what truly makes them different. Here at LittleBizzy, however, we maintain a rather definitive list of features that you truly won't find anywhere else:


Free Migration

100% free migration for every site on our network.

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No Contracts

Auto-pay billing via Stripe that you may cancel anytime.

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DNS Management

The only host that will manage DNS records for you.

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Built For Speed

Anycast, HTTP/2, Gzip, Redis, and FastCGI Cache.

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Dedicated Servers

Every single site is hosted on a dedicated VPS server.

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Leading Software

KVM, Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP 7.0, and MySQL 5.7.

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Remote Backups

Nightly backups of your site to the AWS cloud.

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15+ Datacenters

SSD drives with IPv6 in any city that you choose.

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Free SSL Certs

Free Comodo-signed SSL certs with expert setup.

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Robust Security

Defense from common attacks, risky code, and spam.

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Malware Removal

Regular malware scans and free cleanup if needed.

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Dev Friendly

Error log access, Git support, and other goodies.

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Stellar Support

Fast help from our sysadmins, not overseas workers.

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Uptime Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your site to ensure 99.9% uptime.

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Premium Plugins

Exclusive discounts on all of our premium plugins.

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Founded by one of the top WordPress experts in the world.

LittleBizzy founder Jesse Nickles ranked #1 for "WordPress expertise" out of more than 10 million freelancers world-wide, with clients from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and beyond. Read the case study.

"Jesse migrated and optimised my page load times and got them from around 10 seconds to 1 second. He totally exceeded my expectations and even suggested further improvements to my page load speeds. Within 24 hours of hiring Jesse much of the work was complete and I found that I was the only real bottleneck."

— LittleBizzy client (More Reviews)