Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Google GSC

A direct line to Google that improves your site's search results.

Google Search Console (GSC), formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools or Google Webmasters, is a free portal maintained by Google for webmasters. Within the portal, owners of a website may submit their domain to confirm ownership in exchange for special insight into their website’s performance on Google search. There are several settings and configuration options, including Sitemaps and “preferred domain” formatting, that can greatly effect SEO. Many of these options can be confusing, however, and depend on the market or history of a domain, which is why we offer this expert setup service.

This service includes a one-time setup and optimization of your domain’s GSC settings. You may add our team member(s) as an “admin” for your given GSC domain rather than giving us your Google account password. We highly recommend NOT altering these settings after our team is finished with our optimization work.

Google GSC ($40)

Clients who wish to configure GSC (Google Webmasters) may order here.

Last modified: 26 May, 2017http://bizzy.in/1RhaQOn

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