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What happens in the case that I try to chargeback a payment?

ANSWER: We highly recommend and request never charging back a credit card payment. Not only does it hurt our reputation with Stripe, but also is considered pretty poor business ethics (and in certain cases, amounts to fraud and/or theft). While our refund policy is not overly liberal, our business model attempts to keep prices marked up at a minimum in order to offer high quality services at reasonable prices. If you feel that we owe you a refund for some reason, despite our fair pricing, please respectfully explain to us why and we will see what can be done.

In the case that a customer maliciously charges back a payment in order to try and get our services for free (or out of spite) we will defend ourselves very aggressively. Firstly, any other service or website that is hosted on our network associated with your name or company may be frozen immediately and your access blocked until the chargeback is reversed and/or resolved between LittleBizzy and the related account owners(s). Secondly, we will aggressively fight any chargeback attempt with the full assistance of Stripe, providing an abundance of evidence to your bank that services were indeed rendered already and that your claim is false and/or fraudulent. Thirdly, we may opt to warn the public of your fraudulent tactics by posting to our blog our other websites in regard to your foul practices. Fourthly, in serious cases, we may opt to take legal action against you and/or your company to recoup not only the charges you “stole” from LittleBizzy but also any legal costs involved.

Nothing is as shameful and pathetic as a credit card chargeback, and we will do everything in our power to fight such instances while publicly “outing” any company that attempts such unethical behavior against us.

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