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What is your current refund policy?

ANSWER: We do not maintain a liberal refund policy nor do we plan to implement one at this time. This is because when services are ordered from LittleBizzy, we in turn must order services from our partners, meaning that “upstream” purchases take place at the time of ordering. By maintaining simple billing that is marked up at a bare minimum, we aim to make advanced web hosting technologies available to the “masses” by managing various services on behalf of our customers. While this is great news for our customers as far as allowing us to offer fair pricing, it also means that supporting an overly liberal refund policy is not only a financial burden but also hurts our ability to maintain a simple and fast customer experience. In other words, please be sure of the services you are ordering before you order — we are not Burger King, after all! :)


The only exceptions we make to our “no refunds” policy are the following:

  • you accidentally ordered a service but it was not yet processed (in which case, let us know immediately)
  • any instances of fraud, stolen credit cards, or etc.
  • certain instances at our own discretion
Last modified:  18 May, 2018