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As far as data retention goes, what is your policy?

As part of our goal to offer speed, stability, and security to WordPress-based business websites, we understand that a clear data retention policy is a necessary requirement. Here at LittleBizzy, we have a failed payments policy that defines precisely when our team will be “forced” to disable and eventually delete your live server in case of lapsed billing. However, we are proud to maintain a very generous data retention policy that provides for up to 30 days of FREE CodeGuard backups to any domain hosted at LittleBizzy no matter the situation. This means that even in the case of a failed payment or if a website owner “disappears” for any reason, our team will still maintain their backup data for at least 30 days.

Additionally, if you point your domain’s nameservers away from LittleBizzy to a new web hosting company, or if your live server has no website installed on it for several days on end (but billing is still active), our current policy is:

Within 7 days: we will keep your server and all services as-is
Within 14 days: we will create an “image” of your server, and delete your server itself
Within 30 days: we will proceed to delete your CodeGuard backups, while maintaining your server “image”

As long as your billing is still “active” i.e. payments are going through, we will maintain the “image” of your server in our DigitalOcean account indefinitely. In other words, if you ever re-point your domain to our CloudFlare nameservers, we can get your server back up live literally within minutes using that “image” file.

If you cancel your billing, our policy is to immediately delete your live server, your CodeGuard backups, and we will NOT retain any “images” of your server. So please, be 100% sure you have backups and you wish to cancel your account with us before you click the cancel button. If it was an accident, you should immediately contact our team and let us know.

If you wish to keep your server live and your CodeGuard backups live, please refrain from changing your nameservers to a new server and/or refrain from clicking the cancel button. We have developed this retention policy based on past experience with customers and it seems a reasonable policy. If you have suggestions or feedback, we do welcome it anytime. Thanks!

NOTE: in the case a chargeback of our services has occurred, our normal data retention policy does not apply and any access to your server and/or CodeGuard will be removed immediately until the chargeback is fixed and/or resolved between the account owner(s) and LittleBizzy.

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Last modified: 18 May, 2016http://bizzy.in/1Os6Jg7

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