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Do you offer consolidated billing for hosting plans?

ANSWER: If you are a Reseller and have at least 10+ sites hosted with us then we can consolidate your monthly charges into a single bill to make your accounting easier to manage. However, in such cases, we have a stricter failed payments policy meaning that if your automatic payment fails on the 1st of the month, it is considered immediately “late” unlike our normal clients who are given a few days of flexibility (this goes for any large account). For this reason we recommend keeping at least two credit cards on file so that in case your default card fails, we can manually retry your backup credit card.

If none of your cards on file bill correctly on the 1st of the month, especially if it happens more than 1-2 times, this sours our relationship with Resellers rather quickly. To protect our billing, we may opt to charge a late fee on your account (one late fee per each site hosted) to “encourage” on time billing for large accounts — kindly recall that we are billed on an hourly basis by our upstream network providers, so any failed payments on large consolidated bills can bleed us out rather quickly and can create immense risk for our overall stability as a business.

Ultimately, if billing is not a regularly smooth process then it is not a relationship we wish to retain due to the huge investment of time required to re-bill, not to mention the back-and-forth between us and the networks that we partner with.

To make changes to your consolidated billing, please follow the below guidelines:

ADDING A SITE: You can add new websites to your consolidated account at anytime, and we will charge a pro-rated one time fee for the first month before bundling it into next month’s bill.

REMOVING A SITE: Please remove websites before the 20th of the month; if this date passes and you notify us of a website removal, it won’t apply until next month’s billing cycle. This is because it requires a hefty amount of time to manage these changes, and we must consider the health and smoothness of our billing as a top priority.

Thanks kindly, and contact us to make any of the changes noted here.

Last modified: 25 Apr, 2017http://bizzy.in/2oJs38h

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