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Can I save a ‘backup’ credit card on my account?

ANSWER: Yes! With our WooCommerce setup you are able to save multiple credit cards on the My Account page which show up under the Saved Cards section. To be able to initially add a card to your account, however, you may need to actually make a purchase first with the card you want to add; it will then be saved on your account until deleted.

After that, you can manually view any subscription (i.e. hosting plan) and change to a card of your preference. Simply choose the CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD option and then add another card to your account (subscription) and then both cards will be saved into your account. In the case a payment fails, our team automatically attempts to manually bill every card that is saved on your account (after successful billing, the system will email you to confirm).

Example subscription URL where to add a new card:

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Last modified:  13 Jul, 2016