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If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know.

Howdy friend, and thanks for stopping by. LittleBizzy was founded by Jesse Nickles and offers the best managed WordPress hosting in the world to a select group of awesome clients. If you have a question about our hosting or services, or if your team is experiencing a technical issue, please email us below to start a conversation with our team. Kindly open a new ticket for each new issue, and kindly refrain from submitting multiple emails before you’ve heard back from us. Thank you!

WARNING: All support emails regarding our free plugins and themes for WordPress will be ignored. You may post questions or suggestions for these products in our Facebook group. Any person who chooses instead to harass our team or slander our company will be publicly named and shamed… you have been warned. Thank you!

  • For everyone's sake, carefully review our FAQ (updated weekly) and New User Guide before requesting support
  • Support Options are divided into "free" and "paid" services, and design/coding work is not available
  • The most common questions we receive involve Email Delivery, SFTP Access, Must Use Plugins, and Clearing Caches
  • DNS Records are updated free of charge; send all requests in plain text (no images/links)
  • If your site has crashed due to a plugin/theme (i.e. 500 error), simply login to your server via SFTP and temporarily rename that plugin or theme's directory, and then you should be able to login to your WP Admin again; alternatively (or in the case of other errors) you can use CodeGuard to restore a previous version of your database or website files
  • Please become intimately familiar with our Failed Payments policy to avoid any down-time
  • Our response goal is within 3-6 hours, although we are usually faster (expect a delay during weekend hours)

I have carefully reviewed the FAQ (updated weekly) and New User Guide (or N/A).*

I believe that my issue is directly related to LittleBizzy hosting, and not a third party product/service.*

For any changes to DNS records, I have sent my request in plain text (no images/links).*

This is not a question or suggestion re: a free LittleBizzy theme/plugin.*

Last modified:  4 Apr, 2018