Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Required (And Optional) PHP 7.2 Extensions For WordPress

For years now, WordPress and PHP have been best buddies. Despite WordPress technically being a sub-framework built on top of PHP (with its own unique coding style, hooks, filters, and so forth), its reliance on underlying PHP functions has always been critical to steering WordPress development. A few years ago before PHP 7 came out, […]

WARNING: Rymera Web Plugins Might Crash Your Website

Update June 19, 2019: Some high traffic sites also reported crashed databases several months ago… This post is a public warning about plugins released by Rymera Web, an agency from Australia. Recently we’ve had to blacklist (ban) all Rymera Web plugins from LittleBizzy, and our underlying SlickStack server script due to poor coding that was […]

All Hosting Plans Prices Slashed With More Free Features

Beginning immediately, all our managed hosting plans are drastically cheaper. Over the past 4+ years, our prices have remained unchanged — until now. This was largely due to the sort of price-locking across the datacenter-infrastructure industry, but over the past year or so these prices have dipped noticeably cheaper. Because of this, and because of […]

Kinsta Is Apparently Trying To Delete Our Wikipedia Page

Update 5/17/2019: Kinsta associate Alex Panagis is now trying to actively hack into LittleBizzy.com How do you know that your business is making a difference? It’s easy. Your (insecure) competitors attack you at every opportunity, no matter the cost. In fact, their reaction is often so knee-jerk and desperate that it ends up hurting their […]

The Rise Of Fraudulent ‘AI’ Generated Consumer Reviews?

It was destined to happen sooner or later. In the midst of talk about how “AI” is improving transportation safety for companies like Tesla (or in the case of Boeing airlines, perhaps causing catastrophic crashes), and even helping Facebook censor violent videos from being published on their platform, there is very little talk regarding the […]

SCAM ALERT: Rank Math SEO (WordPress Plugin Review)

Rank Math SEO is a new WordPress plugin out from a group of Indians well known for their horrible code and fraudulent business practices. Most “positive” reviews of this plugin you find in Google search results are paid (fake) reviews, and that is why they are all written by Indian bloggers in the WordPress community. […]

HTTPS Only Hosting

Effective immediately, LittleBizzy is now an HTTPS-only web hosting network. This means that all of our current clients have been successfully migrated to HTTPS (SSL) at this point, if they were not already using that protocol. In addition, we will only be accepting new clients (websites) that are HTTPS-ready going forward. SlickStack, the WordPress provisioning […]

Flywheel Is Angry About Our Web Hosting Comparison Chart

Generally speaking, it seems like a good idea to “get along” with industry peers, no matter what business you are in, at least in the spirit of friendly competition. Especially in the case of online services, you never know when you may want to partner up with the competition — or even acquire another company […]

We Are Indefinitely Suspending Our Standard Plan ($20/mo)

After tons of careful research, we’ve decided to suspend our Standard Plan, starting immediately. While current customers on this plan can retain it for the time being (probably until the end of 2018), we will not be accepting any new orders. Priced at $20/month, this plan has been our entry-level and cheapest managed hosting plan […]

Ranking #1 In Google Search Results All Day Long… Booyah!

A photographer from Qatar. An insurance company from Chicago. A hypnotist from Australia. A photo booth manufacturer from Texas. A bamboo salt distributor from Malaysia. A cryotherapy spa from Pennsylvania (among dozens of others)… What exactly do all these small businesses have in common? They all rank #1 in Google for their target search phrase, […]


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