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WordPress Gossip, Technical SEO News, And Other Goodies.

Asking Consultants For Free Consultations Is Cringy

Year after year, more business goes online — from shopping, to marketing, and yes, consulting. In certain ways, competition has increased, because there are more freelancers offering similar services. But in other ways, there is more opportunity than ever before for freelancers with quality services. One issue that I’ve noticed getting “worse”, however, is the […]

Stop Sending Company Emails From Personal Names

I can’t count how many times I’ve accidentally (or nearly) marked as “spam” a legitimate email from a company that I know and love because the sender information was unrecognizable. Major companies — such as SendGrid, Clutch, or StackPath — do this constantly, and it drives me nuts. Specifically, it has become trendy in recent […]

Rank Math (MyThemeShop) Is Sending Us Death Threats

If there’s one thing I do pretty well, it’s sniffing out scammers… In early 2019, I warned the WordPress community about Rank Math SEO, a new plugin that seemed to be taking WordPress by storm. Despite an incredible amount of bugs, errors, crashed websites, slow performance, and spyware literally embedded into their code that calls […]

Samuel “Otto” Wood: Sadistic Man-Child At WP.org

Note: Samuel “Otto” Wood snidely challenged me to sue him for publishing slanderous posts about LittleBizzy plugins on WordPress.org without allowing us to respond to them, even when posted on our own free plugins’ support forums, which is quite likely skirting U.S. Section 230. By preventing our public replies, despite creating the impression that we […]

Required PHP 7.2 Extensions For WordPress

For years now, WordPress and PHP have been best buddies. Despite WordPress technically being a sub-framework built on top of PHP (with its own unique coding style, hooks, filters, and so forth), its reliance on underlying PHP functions has always been critical to steering WordPress development. A few years ago, before PHP 7 came out, […]

Warning: Rymera Web Plugins Might Crash Your Website

Update June 19, 2019: Some high traffic sites also reported crashed databases several months ago… This post is a public warning about plugins released by Rymera Web, an agency from Australia. Recently we’ve had to blacklist (ban) all Rymera Web plugins from LittleBizzy, and our underlying SlickStack server script due to poor coding that was […]

All Hosting Plans Prices Slashed With More Free Features

Beginning immediately, all our managed hosting plans are drastically cheaper. Over the past 4+ years, our prices have remained unchanged — until now. This was largely due to the sort of price-locking across the datacenter-infrastructure industry, but over the past year or so these prices have dipped noticeably cheaper. Because of this, and because of […]

Kinsta Is Apparently Trying To Delete Our Wikipedia Page

Update 5/17/2019: Kinsta associate Alex Panagis is now trying to actively hack into LittleBizzy.com How do you know that your business is making a difference? It’s easy. Your (insecure) competitors attack you at every opportunity, no matter the cost. In fact, their reaction is often so knee-jerk and desperate that it ends up hurting their […]

The Rise Of Fraudulent ‘AI’ Generated Reviews

It was destined to happen sooner or later. In the midst of talk about how “AI” is improving transportation safety for companies like Tesla (or in the case of Boeing airlines, perhaps causing catastrophic crashes), and even helping Facebook censor violent videos from being published on their platform, there is very little talk regarding the […]

SCAM ALERT: Rank Math SEO (WordPress Plugin Review)

Update 8/25/2019: WordPress.org has finally deleted over 200+ fake positive reviews on the Rank Math plugin, after months of complaints from the community. There are still dozens of fake reviews still up there, besides dozens of fraudulent blog posts and reviews on other software directories. Update 8/1/2019: The team at Rank Math is now calling […]


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Juliette S.

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