CloudFlare PRO

CloudFlare PRO is a premium service from our friends over at CloudFlare that, unlike the Free plan, offers a enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall (WAF), mobile browsing optimization options, CNAME record flattening (for DNS speed), and more insight into traffic patterns (that our team monitors). In other words, it allows for much stronger security on your WordPress site by blocking nearly every common type of threat/attack relating to WordPress installations (and those protections evolve as the CloudFlare team discovers new threats). The PRO plan also offers dozens more Page Rules for your website, meaning that our team can input some custom redirect rules (i.e. for a subdomain) or other rules such as blocking certain referrers, country detection, etc. If security is a critical priority for you, this is definitely a service that you should consider.

NOTE: CloudFlare PRO is included in our Enterprise Plans already, so there’s no need to purchase this service separately if you already have that hosting plan. When ordering as a separate service, however, a $40 setup fee will be charged at the time of order, due to the various firewall rules and configuration settings that our team must customize for your website.

Last modified:  15 Nov, 2016
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