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Can you disable caching (Opcache, Redis, etc)?

ANSWER: It depends. For Opcache, we NEVER disable it under any circumstances. Opcache brings a huge level of stability to LEMP servers and there is no reason to disable it besides the annoyance of having to occassionally purge it during web coding updates, but you can use the free Opcache Dashboard plugin for that.

As far as Redis, yes we CAN disable this if desired. It is only offered to our Enterprise level clients, and its a type of object (database) cache. The plugin we use integrates perfectly with WordPress’s built in object cache functions so its very simple and stable. Still, if you’d rather not have it, we are happy to disable on your server and remove that plugin for you at anytime (Enterprise clients only).

As far as cache plugins, we recommend and install Comet Cache for all our clients. However that is completely up to you whether or not you wish to keep it or enable it, as it is simply a page cache plugin for WordPress. We highly recommend keeping it enabled, but simply choosing “inactive” mode during web design updates rather than completely deleting it.

Lastly as far as CloudFlare’s built in cache system, NO we can never disable that. We require all clients to use our CloudFlare account for DNS resolution so that our team can better manage any issues that arise. This includes the default cache function in CloudFlare which caches any non-embedded JS, CSS, images, or static resources. You can simply clear this using the free ClouFlare plugin.

Last modified:  20 Mar, 2016