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Why must we use your CloudFlare account?

Our business model is entirely based on off-loading technical worries from small businesses while simultaneously providing the fastest and most secure WordPress hosting possible. As part of this goal, LittleBizzy requires all customers to point their domain at our private CloudFlare network for DNS resolution. CloudFlare is currently the world’s fastest growing DNS management software and besides the amazing security and performance benefits it provides, it is also completely free. By managing DNS on behalf of all our clients, we are able to keep your DNS completely locked down and prevent the lone freelancer or well-meaning staff member from accidentally changing a key setting in your DNS. This approach also allows are team to rapidly make changes to the way your website loads and renders meaning that CloudFlare is an essential element in our ability to guarantee performance for our customers.

If you need to update a DNS record, we can do that for you free of charge:


In the case that your company prefers to maintain its own DNS management, we are able to work with you in the case that your company has subscribed to an Enterprise level account due to additional time and coordination efforts required in such cases, however, lower level hosting accounts will be required to use our CloudFlare management approach.

Last modified:  13 Oct, 2016