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Why is setting up CloudFlare a mandatory first step?

ANSWER: AS part of our business model, we manage the DNS records and DNS performance/security on behalf of our hosting clients. This allows us to maintain total control over the performance and security of your website, with the added benefit of avoiding the constant “confusion cycle” that many small businesses owners suffer due to constantly cycling through various freelancers and contractors.

The reason why we begin with setting up CloudFlare first is three-fold: firstly, it allows us to confirm that you are the owner of the domain and have access to DNS, without which we’d not be able to proceed with hosting your website. Secondly, it ensures that customers are aware and agree to our system of CloudFlare before proceeding. Thirdly, while we do “point” DNS at your old server until the new VPS is ready and data migrated, it saves tons of time (and later explanations/confusion) by making sure CloudFlare is active first before the new VPS is setup and migrated; otherwise, we’ve seen in the past that waiting until a later point in the process often requires days or weeks of further back and forth and/or multiple migrations due to data changing on the live site during the further deliberation and confusion.

Thanks for your understanding and helping us maintain a clear and efficient process!

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Last modified:  13 May, 2016