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I’m a cheapskate or tightwad, is LittleBizzy for me?

ANSWER: Sorry, but no. While our pricing is designed to be marked up at a minimum in order to maintain reasonable rates in this industry, the base price of our infrastructure is still significantly higher than the “cheap shared hosting” that many clients are accustomed to on the web. If you are used to paying something like $3/month for web hosting while constantly sending their support team whiny, complaining emails due to your own lack of understanding in regard to web technology, then pretty please, do NOT order any hosting from us, because frankly we don’t want or need your business (no offense).

Unlike many web hosting companies, LittleBizzy targets well-established businesses that understand the value of high quality and appreciate the concept of investment. Rather than dealing with the type of customer who always seems to be out of cash (and who always ends up sending in the most support requests), we much rather enjoy partnering with companies that understand what it is that we offer (and what we don’t). Such companies tend to focus on growth and success, and have their own developers in place already, so as to not blame the web host anytime that they might not understand an issue.

Although we’ve tried hard to avoid recruiting “cheapo” customers over the past few years, our reputation has grown, and in turn we’ve received a growing number of mentions and/or recommendations from well-meaning people. Unfortunately this has resulted in evermore cheap-as-hell customers contacting us and demanding discounts, freebies, and hand-holding via our support system — if this sounds like you, please do not order from us… thanks!

P.S. The oft-debated difference between a cheapskate and tightwad…

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Last modified:  21 May, 2016