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Why don’t you accept “brand new” websites?

As LittleBizzy offers 100% free setup and migration, which we are dedicated to retaining, taking on brand new websites that are not very “serious” and who often cancel their hosting plan just a few short weeks later means several hours of wasted time on our part. As we have grown, this situation has unfortunately become more common.

Therefore, we are no longer accepting “brand new” websites or webmasters that lack a proven record of existence. While this may sound a bit vague, it is usually quite clear to us which websites are truly established businesses looking for speed and stability improvements, and which are merely experimental or still in the “brainstorming” phase. While we definitely encourage experimentation, we simply are not in the business of staging sites, coaching, or otherwise. This means that taking on “non-serious” sites is a high risk for us because in many cases they will simply be canceled a few weeks after ordering, meaning a significant loss of time and resources because of our free setup process.

Thanks for your understanding, and helping our community maintain its high standards and high expectations!

Last modified:  31 Mar, 2016