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BANNED: Alex Panagis (Fraud, Slander)

LittleBizzy is a small, independent business. We do not have thousands of dollars to spend on attorneys every single time someone tries to harass, defame, or extort our company. Likewise, we have grown tired of the incessant email spam, consumer fraud, and quid-pro-quo culture that has taken over the WordPress and online marketing communities. We feel obligated to add such entities to a public Scammers Directory until the behavior stops. While some of these individuals might claim to have been our customers in an attempt to hurt our reputation, the truth is that none of them were ever our customers, who are protected by our strict Privacy Policy. Our goal in publishing this information is to expose and publicly document their ongoing misdeeds in preparation for potential future legal action, and/or to discourage such unethical behavior in the future. Note: Complies with all U.S. and E.U. laws, including GDPR Erasure.

Category: Fraud, Slander, Harassment, Hacking

Update: Panagis is now desperately trying to delete some of his tracks, including the fraudulent reviews of Rank Math that he wrote without disclosure. Thankfully, other members of the WordPress community were also on to him (before us) and archived some of his fraud… he continues emailing various cloud networks trying to find out where we are hosted and demand that they delete this page without any luck… pathetic and sad.

Update: Panagis’ team at Rank Math SEO is now calling and leaving us death threats. We are submitting police reports to multiple police departments in the United States, Greece, and India…

Update: Panagis is back at it again, submitting more fraudulent complaints to Google about LittleBizzy.com

Update: As expected, Google has rejected the fraudulent DMCA complaint filed by Panagis and have restored this page to search results… sorry Alex, censorship rarely wins.

Update: Panagis is now trying to actively hack into our website and reset Admin user passwords to gain access to LittleBizzy.com, but apparently is too foolish to even hide his tracks which trace right back to his computer…

Update: Panagis how now submitted a fraudulent DMCA Copyright complaint to Google demanding they remove this page from Google search results, and has declared under penalty of perjury that we have abused his “copyright” and also falsely accused us of publishing his private email address and IP address. Apparently believes he can break any laws he wants, because he is not a U.S. citizen…

Update: Panagis continues to slander us with untrue statements on Wikipedia, pending the deletion request that was submitted…

Update: As expected, Panagis has gone running to his idol, fellow IM scammer-guru Brian Jackson, to try and get Wikipedia to delete our company page in an attempt to hurt our SEO, presumably… pathetic and sad, but not at all surprising if you know the truth about these guys.

Update: Panagis continues to post fraudulent comments/reviews about LittleBizzy around the web under the names “Tod” “Todd” and “Jonathan”…

Update: Panagis continues to submit dozens of fraudulent “abuse” complaints against us to various cloud networks, hoping (and failing) to get us to remove this expose of his fraud and harassment of our company, meanwhile continuing to beg us to delete it and lying about having done these things. Apparently doesn’t understand how the internet works, or that ethical companies tend to want to protect their reputation.

Update: Panagis continues to harass us under the name “Robert John K Brown”, sending numerous emails to our team and several fake “reviews” of LittleBizzy under various aliases…

Update: Surprise, surprise… Alex is also apparently a shill for Rank Math SEO, posting what look like suspicious reviews on his blog, according to a recent thread on Reddit. Not surprising, since he did the same exact thing for Brian Jackson’s Perfmatters plugin, apparently these IM scammer-gurus enjoy teaming up together.

Publicly slandered us after we revealed that the Perfmatters plugin had stolen code from our Speed Demon plugin without attribution, and accused us of lying. Also then spams our contact page, pretend to be interested in sales inquiries, but then tries to sell us his WordPress plugins and ask for testimonials. You can’t make this stuff up.

After we rejected his ongoing email harassment, he joined up with Naveed Moein, another banned user, to slander us on consumer review websites and pretend to be our former customer, which is 100% false.

Alex Panagis

Athens, Greece and Muscat, Oman


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