Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Superior Plan

For super high traffic sites that need maximum CPU power.

Superior Plan is designed for “massive” websites looking to speed up load times while benefiting from strong security and managed services in a single monthly bill that installs LittleBizzy as your “remote” IT department. Our emphasis on stability is especially beneficial to SMBs who work with various freelancers and web developers throughout the year.

vpn_keyDNS Records:  Full-service management and integrity monitoring
local_shippingSetup/Migration: 100% free migration of DNS records and WordPress data [?]
credit_cardBilling Terms:  No contracts, $320/mo automatic billing (Stripe)
faceSuitable For:  Viral traffic ("buzzfeed" blogs, paid traffic, complex plugins, dynamic websites) [?]
local_hospitalSupport Offered:  4 issues/mo average
settingsServer (KVM) Specs:  Dedicated VPS server, 16GB RAM memory, 6 CPU cores, 200GB SSD storage, 5TB data transfer
flash_onCache Layers:  FastCGI Cache, Redis object cache, PHP Opcache, InnoDB Buffer Pool, CloudFlare CDN
backupRemote Backups:  CodeGuard® nightly backups to Amazon AWS
bug_reportMalware Handling:  Free malware removal, no shut-offs during cleanup
network_checkTraffic Scaling:  Unlimited visitors, ~ 6 million requests/mo
securitySecurity Layers:  DDOS defense, Brute Force and XML-RPC blocked, port firewalls, WAF (CloudFlare Pro) [?]
enhanced_encryptionSSL (TLS) Options:  Free shared certificate, dedicated certificate [?]
languageDatacenters:  New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, or Bangalore

Superior Plan ($320/mo)

For super high traffic sites that need maximum CPU power.

Other Plans

Includes All Of The Following Features:

starlightning-fast loading speedstarno long-term hosting contractsstarbest pricing in the industry
starDigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultrstarsafe, easy, automatic billingstarintuitive "crashed" node reboot
stardatacenters in key IEP citiesstardedicated VPS server (per site)star24/7 site uptime monitoring
star100% free setup & migration1startop-rated KVM virtualizationstarcrafted especially for SMBs
starSSD drives with highest IOPSstarCodeGuard daily backupsstarIPv6 enabled for all websites
starsecure HTTP(S) server headersstarno clunky user control panelsstarguard against freelancer bitrot
staroptimized Nginx configurationstarautomatic permissions resetstaradvanced server hardening
star100% free SSL certificates2starlock down server & DNS configstarsupports large file uploads
starNginx & PHP error loggingstarHTTP/2 protocol supportedstarGoogle GSC setup available
starUbuntu 16.04 (LTS versions)starauto-delete of risky file typesstarchroot jail on SFTP username
starmost plugins never "banned"starGzip compression (on all URIs)starauthenticated origin SSL pulls
starfast-resolving Anycast DNSstarhigh memory limit for PHPstarcomplete DNS management
starOpcache bytecode cachingstarDNSSEC authentication availablestardomain/syntax 301 redirects
stardedicated IP address (per site)starstatic file far-future cachingstarCloudFlare (CDN) acceleration
starminification of HTML, CSS, JSstarPHP-FPM 7.0+ (FastCGI)starmore PHP extensions available
starfull support for Google Appsstarexclusive Must-Use pluginsstarHTTPS resource rewriting
starquery strings removed/ignoredstarmanaged software updatesstarzero chance of "blacklisting"
starMySQL 5.7+ databasesstar*avoid phpMyAdmin hackingstardefense against DDOS attacks
starno more .htaccess headachesstarCNAME flattening via AnycaststarSendGrid email delivery4
starfully encrypted SFTP access3starregular security/bug patchesstarno need for inhouse "IT" guys
starBcrypt password encryptionstarSpeed audits are availablestarXML-RPC attacks blocked
starimproved search rankingsstarno Apache use whatsoeverstarimproved Gtmetrix/Pagespeed
starSEO audits are availablestarsupport for AMP hyperlinkingstarautomagic restarts via Monit
starMalwareGone scanningstarsupport for virtual robots.txtstarSQL optimization available
starbrute force attacks blockedstarGit (version control) supportedstarStarter theme supported

Superior Plan ($320/mo)

Top notch speed and stability along with a custom WAF firewall.

Other Plans

1All hosting plans include 100% free VPS setup and website migration (initial migration only). In order to maintain our top speed and security standards, only one domain/database will be installed per VPS server (i.e. no "add-on" websites, etc).

2Free SSL is a self-signed 2048-bit TLS certificate generated via OpenSSL (Nginx) and installed on your server that pairs with the free Comodo-signed certificate issued by CloudFlare for any given domain (third-party SSL is not allowed at this time). There are no recurring fees after configuration is finished, but we charge a one-time fee for setup.

3We discourage the use of SFTP beyond occasional maintenance issues, as the modern WordPress admin panel is sufficient for the majority of typical management tasks. However, if SFTP access is required, we kindly ask clients to order it here for a one-time setup fee. Keep in mind that using SFTP can temporarily "mess up" file and directory permissions.

4SendGrid is a premium email delivery API that LittleBizzy can setup and monitor for your website. It is much more powerful and reliable than old-fashioned SMTP methods and our team can help diagnose any issues with deliverability. Please also keep in mind that there are no email services on these VPS servers whatsoever (we recommend ordering both Google Apps + SendGrid).

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