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SCAM ALERT: Rank Math SEO (WordPress Plugin Review)

   |  5 Mar, 2019

Rank Math SEO is a new WordPress plugin out from a group of Indians well known for their horrible code and fraudulent business practices. Most “positive” reviews of this plugin you find in Google search results are paid (fake) reviews, and that is why they are all written by Indian bloggers in the WordPress community.

What many Westerners don’t understand is this is normal business in India. Corruption and fraud are just a normal part of day-to-day business in India; its how most Indian students complete their university degree, its how most governments in India are managed, and its just a complete given that you pay off other people to give you what you want, otherwise you never get it.

Again, most positive reviews of Rank Math SEO, a plugin for WordPress, are FAKE. These types of fraud reviews are illegal in the United States as per FCC guidelines on business advertising and consumer fraud.

The man behind Rank Math is the same guy behind the terrible products released by MyThemeShop, most of which are already banned on LittleBizzy and SlickStack due to their horrible code quality, spammy features, and conflicts with other common SlickStack features and performance.

Check out this technical review of Rank Math SEO by SEOTipsIt for more reasons not to support or use this company’s crapware.

This is a temporary blog post that will be expanded asap, but we are posting this to get in Google SERPs to help combat all the fraud reviews coming out of India that are causing many in the WordPress community to think that this is the new “mainstream” SEO plugin that is replacing Yoast SEO.

Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO is a common target phrase of these fraud reviews, so I copy paste it here too.

Last modified:  15 Mar, 2019