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BANNED: Naveed Moein (Slander, Extortion)

LittleBizzy is a small, independent business. We do not have thousands of dollars to spend on attorneys every single time someone tries to harass, defame, or extort our company. Likewise, we have grown tired of the incessant email spam, consumer fraud, and quid-pro-quo culture that has taken over the WordPress and online marketing communities. We feel obligated to add such entities to a public Scammers Directory until the behavior stops. While some of these individuals might claim to have been our customers in an attempt to hurt our reputation, the truth is that none of them were ever our customers, who are protected by our strict Privacy Policy. Our goal in publishing this information is to expose and publicly document their ongoing misdeeds in preparation for potential future legal action, and/or to discourage such unethical behavior in the future. Note: Complies with all U.S. and E.U. laws, including GDPR Erasure.

Category: stalking, harassment, extortion, slander, impersonation

Update: Naveed has now paid a lawyer to threaten Reddit to delete comments that revealed his name on the thread he created slandering LittleBizzy… interestingly, Reddit did not remove mentions of our company, despite it being against both their website and subreddit Terms Of Service…

Update: Naveed has now recruited Shannon Ferguson, an employee at Ontario Power Generation in Canada, to send us malware and continue harassment on his behalf. We’ve let her company’s General Counsel know what she did, and are filing reports with RCMP police…

Update: Naveed is now “doxxing” the founder of LittleBizzy using Tor proxies…

Update: Naveed is now asking his friends from college to “vote up” his fake Yelp reviews, and contact us on Skype/email to pretend they’re interested in support queries to harass us into removing this page. You can’t make this stuff up… you can always tell a man by his friends, so they say…

Update: Google Maps has deleted and banned Moein’s fake “female” profile that falsely accused us of sexually harassing “her”… thanks Google.

Update: Moein is now illegally impersonating the founder of LittleBizzy on WordPress.org… (thanks to the WP.org staff for immediately banning and deleting Moein’s posts from the site)

Update: Naveed Moein is now assisting Alex Panagis and Brian Jackson in trying to delete our Wikipedia profile, apparently not understanding how the process works. Their fraud is so obvious with various sock puppet accounts that a senior Wikipedia editor added the following warning:

If you came here because someone asked you to, or you read a message on another website, please note that this is not a majority vote, but instead a discussion among Wikipedia contributors. Wikipedia has policies and guidelines regarding the encyclopedia’s content, and consensus (agreement) is gauged based on the merits of the arguments, not by counting votes.

Update: Naveed’s latest fraudulent review of LittleBizzy on BBB uses the fake name “Yura Loren”…

Update: the BBB have now banned Moein from their platform after he attempted to submit a fraudulent complaint about LittleBizzy. He also attempted to direct other random users to leave fraudulent reviews about our company.

Update: after 4+ months of non-stop stalking and harassment, we’ve filed a report with the San Diego police about Moein. Our next move will be filing for a restraining order against this psychopath.

Update: Moein is now pretending to be women, creating fake accounts on consumer review websites, and saying that we’ve sexually harassed women via the phone. Do not believe a word this scammer says.

Continually stalks and harasses our company on social media and via email in an attempt to extort us into giving him free support, apparently because he doesn’t understand the basics of WordPress development that he promised his client. Also continually slanders and disparages our company on consumer review websites after we exposed his behavior, repeatedly pretending to have been our customer, which is categorically false.

After discovering what Moein was doing, his employer contacted us apologized and said they were disgusted with Moein’s behavior, and that they had fired Moein.

Despite begging us to delete this, he has continued slandering our company on various public and private forums, and has even asked other users (not our clients) to slander us on consumer review sites as well, without any luck. He’s gone so far as to attempt to harass our legitimate customers, and other industry partners, into trying to damage our relationships and client base (unsuccessfully).

Moein even desperately posted on Reddit that no attorney in California would even accept him:

I’m having a hard time finding a lawyer that wants to take my case because it seems like there’s not many lawyers in California that are interested

We aren’t surprised… deal with this guy at your own risk:

Naveed Moein
San Diego / Los Angeles, California

Associate: Ceramic Pro
Associate: Brett Benito (Ceramic Pro)
Associate: Alex Panagis (Kinsta, Rank Math SEO, etc)
Associate: Alexis Castro-Oistad (BBB)
Associate: Rhonda Mettler (BBB)
Associate: Hugo Nogales (BBB)
Associate: Robert “Randy” Stang (Beyond Family)
Associate: Shannon Ferguson (Ontario Power Generation)

Public references:

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Last modified: 25 Nov, 2019https://www.littlebizzy.com/?p=26294

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