Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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SSL Setup

TLS secures your site, improves ranking, and comforts users.

SSL is the best way to secure your website’s “frontend” whether you have a customer login area, discussion forum, or just plain old blog posts. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is actually a bit of a misnomer as that protocol is already deprecated; TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the newer version of SSL, however for some reason the name never really caught on and so most people still refer to both as simply “SSL” although inaccurately. Prior to Edward Snowden’s massive leaks regarding the NSA spying on millions of websites and phone calls around the world, SSL was mostly only being adapted by banks or other high-end security industries. However, after Google strongly pushed SSL adoption in late 2014, the SSL industry and demand for website encryption has grown exponentially.

This is a great thing, ultimately: although there are strong SEO benefits now in regard to SSL (such as ranking higher in Google), the bigger benefit is that with increased SSL usage your customers will take greater comfort in knowing their information is safe, and as a website owner you will also have much stronger assurance that your website is safer from hackers or other would-be spies. And because we only issue OpenSSL (self-signed) certificates that connect with CloudFlare’s free Comodo-signed SSL, you not only save on costs (our SSL is free, forever) but you also avoid the possibility of fraudulent Man-in-the-middle attacks. You may order SSL Setup using the link below:

Note: this SSL setup service also includes permanent 301 redirects of all HTTP links to their HTTPS version.

SSL Setup ($80)

TLS secures your site, improves ranking, and comforts users.

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