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POLL: Are You Interested In MailPoet Premium?

Jesse Nickles   |  18 Aug, 2015

Here at LittleBizzy our goal is simple: to eliminate as many bills, accounts, logins, and clutter from the WordPress experience as possible while simultaneously improving the loading speed and security of our clients’ websites. Interestingly, these two goals are often extremely complementary to each other and are usually inter-dependent.

I owe some of you an apology. Part of my job is to stay informed of new tools and services that would best serve my managed WordPress hosting customers here at LittleBizzy, and over the past several months there is one service in particular that I’ve failed to seriously consider: MailPoet. For those of you unaware, MailPoet has been rapidly growing into one of the most popular WordPress plugins – not only for newsletters, but on the entire wordpress.org directory. For several years, I’ve tried to get my clients away from using on-server email services like cPanel, PHP Mail, and otherwise for speed and security reasons, and I assumed that MailPoet was for “cheap” sites who didn’t want to pay for a legitimate service. I was wrong. MailPoet not only integrates perfectly now with SendGrid (one of LittleBizzy’s favorite services) but its slick integration with WordPress and WooCommerce provide an invaluable advantage in so many situations, not to mention saving small business owners tons of time and money in the process. (In fact, this is being sent to LittleBizzy clients using MailPoet!)

The free version is wildly popular, with one of the highest ratings out of any free WordPress plugin. Still, the premium version (which normally starts at $99/year) has even more features, and is meant to compete directly with well-established services like MailChimp, Aweber, and other newsletter tools with detailed analytics, click reports, and more. Not only that, but all sending via MailPoet is 100% free of charge unlike other companies that charge per user or per email.

But enough chit-chat. Do you already love and use MailPoet? Have you heard of but not yet tried MailPoet? Do you think MailPoet is a fun tool but would never trust it over a 3rd-party service? Would you pay $40/year for MailPoet Premium? Please take our quick poll below so that LittleBizzy can consider our future services. Thanks ahead of time!

Note: Over the past several months we have given various customers conflicting information re: MailPoet and SendGrid. Initially, our agency partnership with SendGrid was rather sensitive due to poor tracking abilities (i.e. which site could be “spamming” etc). As SendGrid’s revamped system released several weeks ago has better tracking, and after extensive testing, we now seek to fully support email newsletter plugins in WordPress with special attention to MailPoet.

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