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New Service: DNSSEC Will Protect Your Domain

   |  24 Nov, 2015

We are happy to announce a new DNSSEC service for all LittleBizzy managed hosting clients. For those not familiar, DNSSEC is an increasingly popular security feature that protects your website’s domain from hijacking and other DNS exploits.

Often referred to as DNS Security, the full acronym breakdown is actually ‘Domain Name System Security Extensions’ and is considered a suite of IETF specifications for securing (authenticating) types of DNS records.

Confusing acronyms aside, the main benefit of DNSSEC is that it provides bulletproof defense from DNS Spoofing, a common exploit that’s also known as DNS Cache Poisoning. In short, this attack can tell users (computers) around the world that your website is hosted on a server (IP address) that is NOT YOURS, thereby misdirecting visitors to a different site.

Clearly, these types of DNS hijacks can have devastating effects on your brand reputation, users’ privacy, and beyond, especially when considering the possibility of sensitive financial or personal data being stolen.

Sometimes misunderstood to be similar to SSL, the truth is that DNSSEC has nothing to do with encryption. Rather, as your domain’s DNS records are already public, DNSSEC works as an authentication tool to verify that any reported DNS records are accurate according to your original domain registrar (the domain’s “owner”).

Of course, all of this is possible due to LittleBizzy’s partnership with CloudFlare, the leading provider of Anycast DNS and WCO (Web Content Optimizer) services in the world. The CloudFlare team announced DNSSEC support earlier this month after more than 2 years of development work on the feature. The ability of CloudFlare to make such a complicated technology available to millions of websites in such a simplified way is nothing short of an amazing achievement.

Because DNSSEC must be setup differently for each domain registrar, and requires ongoing support, our team at LittleBizzy has decided to make this service available for a nominal one-time fee. It also works especially well at protecting your website when paired with an SSL certificate, and can indirectly help your site to avoid DDOS attacks too.

Get the ultimate protection for your domain by ordering DNSSEC service from LittleBizzy today!

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Last modified:  24 Nov, 2015

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