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How does your server management work?

As part of our “managed” hosting services, LittleBizzy keeps an eye not just on your server uptime but also on its software and security updates. This includes our full server stack i.e. Ubuntu Linux updates, Nginx updates (and all modules including OpenSSL, etc), PHP-FPM updates (and all modules including cURL, GD Library, etc), MySQL updates, and so forth. In addition, our team also follows a strict schedule for checking on your WordPress admin for core software updates, plugin updates esp. related to security patches and bugs, and other settings and items that effect your site performance and security. For this reason, we kindly ask that all LittleBizzy customers maintain an Administrator-level account in their WordPress backend available to our team at all times so that we are able to properly monitor and update your website at all times.


For many years now, traditional web hosting companies have silently “updated” the server software for customers “behind the scenes” without users even knowing about it; specifically, this usually consisted of Apache-based web servers loaded with cPanel software occasionally being re-compiled with PHP updates, software licenses, or otherwise. Here at LittleBizzy we put all our customers on custom Nginx servers without over-loading them with bulky control panel software, which greats boosts performance and security. However, this also means that software updates need to be taken care of via “shell” aka the command line of the server via SSH. As part of our managed hosting service, we constantly monitor all servers for necessary and recommended software updates for Ubuntu Linux, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, etc.

In addition to that, we also take a special approach to WordPress hosting in that we maintain an admin account on our customers websites called “littlebizzy” so that our team can regularly login and check your backend. Specifically we check to make sure everythings “looks” right, that all software is updated properly, and that no serious issues are going on. During migration we also install the free plugin called Easy Updates Manager that automatically updates your WordPress plugins for you (but we turn off theme updates). We highly recommend that you keep this plugin installed and properly configured. To view its settings you may go here:

Please note that even if you decide to turn off the Easy Updates Manager plugin, our team will still check on your WordPress backend regularly. However, we strongly request that you do keep it active to not only make our job easier, but to also ensure that your website is 100% being updated with important security patches immediately after they are released by plugin authors.

This free service is included in all LittleBizzy hosting plans.

Last modified:  26 May, 2017