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Please explain your “managed” hosting?

The web hosting industry has two popular types of hosting: “managed” and “un-managed” (at least, usually). Simply put, “managed” hosting means that your server is being monitored constantly for uptime by LittleBizzy; if your website goes down for any reason, our team will know about it and will try to fix it asap. If for some reason it is out of our control, then our team will contact you immediately to discuss the situation. On top of that, our team regularly updates the software on all the servers in our network for security patches and to make sure everything is updated and running smoothly. Plus, we will occasionally check on your WordPress admin as well, to make sure things look good there too. In the near future, LittleBizzy will also be rolling out Sucuri malware monitoring as well, which regularly scans your website for viruses/malware. We are also available for consulting in regard to your WordPress website or any questions you may have (please get in touch via email).

Last modified:  28 Jul, 2015