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How can I edit my website’s .htaccess file?

As all of our servers use Nginx rather than Apache, there is no such thing as an .htaccess file on our VPS servers. Instead, Nginx has a very simple and streamlined system where most “rules” can be input directly into the “server block” code which is similar to a virtual host file. Things like permalink settings work automatically just be changing them in your WordPress admin panel. Other common needs for htaccess like gzip or expires headers are already input by the LittleBizzy team in your Nginx server block. Additionally, 301 redirects should not be put into Nginx or htaccess rules as its rather messy first of all, but secondly because there are limits to how many redirects htaccess can handle properly. For this reason, “big” redirects like a change in domain should be handled by Nginx or CloudFlare where the dozens of hundreds of small (page, etc) redirects should be handled by a free WordPress plugin such as Simple 301 Redirects.

Last modified:  14 Aug, 2015