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How does your free website migration (setup) process work?

ANSWER: LittleBizzy offers one free migration for each new site that joins our hosting plans. This includes complete VPS server setup and custom configuration depending on your site and preferences (i.e. www vs non-www, etc). To proceed we require:

1. your WP admin login from your “old” site
2. as a backup option, your cPanel/FTP/etc login

Before we proceed to migrate your site require that your domain’s nameservers have been updated to our CloudFlare:

After DNS is ready then we will begin the migration which usually takes less than a few hours. Please refrain from editing your site or working on your site in any form. For high traffic sites i.e. that accept lots of orders every hour or have lots of comments, we will install a temporarily maintenance plugin so that no data loss occurs during the migration process (please let us know if this is a concern for you).

For very large sites, sometimes we will ZIP or TAR your files (and/or database) and then pull it over to your new VPS via SSH. However for most typical WordPress sites we will use a migration plugin on your WP admin to perform the backup and migration. We request FTP and/or cPanel (etc) access as well just in case there is a problem that occurs during migration or if our team realizes that a migration plugin is not possible for your site (i.e. its too large to migrate via a plugin).

In most cases our team will not require SSH access to your old server; however, in certain cases where a server can’t generate a ZIP or TAR of files we must connect to your old server via SFTP over SSH, a creative way of pulling over all your files one by one (rare).

We will confirm when migration and setup is finished; please wait until this confirmation email before you proceed to edit/etc your live site again.

Last modified:  23 Nov, 2017