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What sort of email services do you offer?

The VPS servers at LittleBizzy do not include any sort of email services whatsoever. In other words, the servers in our network will not send any emails via WordPress nor can you setup any types of email addresses. This is standard on high-end VPS servers to ensure maximum speed and security (and avoid “blacklisting”). Instead of relying on a web server to host your email, its much more secure (and more reliable) to use a service like Google Apps (Gmail) to manage your email addresses. In addition, for WordPress system emails such as lost passwords, comment notifications, WooCommerce receipts, and so forth, we highly recommend SendGrid, which is an enterprise-level API that comes with a free WordPress plugin. We offer access to our SendGrid API for a one-time setup fee, with free usage forever after.

Last modified:  8 Jul, 2015