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How can we setup new cron jobs?

In nearly all cases, there should be no need to setup additional cron jobs to your WordPress website. WordPress itself has a built in cron system that automatically addresses various tasks that need to be taken care of. In some cases, WordPress themes or plugins have cron jobs of their own, but if properly coded these should be executed by the WordPress cron system. If that is still not enough for your site, there are multiple free WordPress plugins that allow you to monitor all cron jobs in your WordPress system and even add additional ones when necessary. If that is STILL not enough for your website, please consider a free 3rd-party cron job service that can run remote cron job commands on your website as we do not allow any access to our server configuration files nor is there any control panel such as cPanel available to our customers with which to setup cron jobs.

Last modified:  28 Jul, 2015