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UptimeRobot: New FREE Service For Our Clients

Jesse Nickles   |  17 Aug, 2015

LittleBizzy is excited to announce a new partnership with UptimeRobot to monitor the uptime of all our client websites. Some of you are aware that we’ve been in talks with Pingdom over the past several months, but due to limitations in both their billing and alert systems, we began looking for an alternative monitoring service.

UptimeRobot is currently one of the most popular uptime monitoring services on the web and is growing quickly. Originally started as a free service, they recently added a paid option earlier in 2015 for agencies just like LittleBizzy who are looking to monitor hundreds or thousands of domains. Not only does UptimeRobot now have one of the strongest monitoring networks around – with datacenters in the US, Europe, Asia, and beyond – but their alert system is also extremely flexible and provides for long-term growth and dynamic alert options (email, SMS, Twitter, and more).

In the past 24 hours, you should have received a link from UptimeRobot asking you to “confirm” your “email alert” in their system. Please go ahead and click the confirmation link so that your email address is properly confirmed in our agency account with UptimeRobot. After you accomplish this, you will be confirmed as a recipient in our UptimeRobot account so that whenever your website goes down, you will receive an immediate email notification. Within the next few weeks we will be adding all LittleBizzy client domains to the “1 minute” monitoring service, meaning that within 60 seconds of your site going down (verified by UptimeRobot’s world-wide network) you will be notified, along with the LittleBizzy team as well.

We know this has been a long-awaited announcement and we thank you for your patience. LittleBizzy truly believes in transparency, and nothing could better represent our vision than proper uptime monitoring.

Last modified: 2 Oct, 2015http://bizzy.in/1TQKNdQ

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