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NEW PLUGIN: Server Status Is A Dev’s Best Friend

   |  30 Oct, 2016

LittleBizzy is officially in the WordPress plugin business. It’s true!

Today we are happy to announce our very first FREE plugin, Server Status, that is already installed on all our client servers (as of the last 48 hours). It has joined the ranks of our Must Use plugins for LittleBizzy because of its ability to rapidly answer so many “questions” that website owners or their developers usually have in regard to their server environment; this includes a lot of useful settings and statistics such as memory usage (RAM), disk space, PHP settings, and more.

And the cool part is that this is all done via a simple PHP script.

UPDATE 3 Nov, 2016: Now available on wordpress.org

Server Status enables a simple dashboard widget inside WP Admin along with a small line of code in the footer area. The data that is generated by the plugin is only viewable by admin-level users that are logged in to the backend of WordPress, and no settings page exists in an effort to keep things as simple as possible. Our goal in releasing this script was to keep things as minimalistic as possible, while still supporting all relevant coding standards; Server Status is designed to be used especially with PHP 7+ and MySQL 5.7+ although it should technically work down to PHP version 5.4.3.

In addition, the plugin relies on transients (sort of like temporary caching) in order to maintain top speed and performance at all times, since we clearly don’t want to be slowing down any servers :)

It is important to note that Server Status does not seek to replace the need to browse phpinfo or wp-config when extensive PHP or WordPress settings need to be researched. Rather, the goal here is to provide the most common settings regarding the server, PHP configuration, MySQL database, and the WordPress installation itself that most web developers require, while presenting the data in a very quick and easy manner within WP Admin.

Future goals include localization (translation) support, and code maintenance. If you have any suggestions or feedback we welcome it at anytime via our contact page or on the wordpress.org forums, but please do understand that our top goal in relasing Server Status is to generate useful (yet simple) statistics for our managed hosting clients, so hopefully any requests from the public do not conflict with our goals in that regard. Cheers!

DOWNLOAD NOW: https://www.littlebizzy.com/plugins/server-status

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Last modified:  3 Nov, 2016

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