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Git (version Control) Now Installed On All Servers

Jesse Nickles   |  20 Feb, 2017

Within the next 24 hours, Git should be properly installed on all LittleBizzy servers.

We made this decision after hearing from various clients and resellers, especially after observing so many Git-related plugins for WordPress released and improved in the last several months.

Initially when LittleBizzy was launched nearly two years ago, we made a conscious effort to avoid overly technical features because of our desire to offer a “different” flavor of managed WordPress hosting that “locked down” things like SSH and DNS management for stability reasons. This mindset was and is part of our desire to create a stable hosting environment that small business owners can safely rely on while they switch from freelancer to freelancer (etc).

All that being said, Git usage among WordPress websites continues to grow quickly. More specifically, the types of “Git” plugins that now exist for WordPress no longer require things like SSH access to work properly, meaning that it has become possible to leverage version-control methods via Git without having to rely on advanced shell commands, and so forth.

Here’s a sample of some of the Git-related WordPress plugins now available:

If you have another custom interface with e.g. GitHub or BitBucket, you could even use that instead, but keep in mind that SSH access is not available on LittleBizzy servers (in case your developers ask).

Please let us know if you notice any issues with our Git rollout, or if your setup requires other PHP extensions, etc.

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions, and cheers!

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Last modified: 20 Feb, 2017http://bizzy.in/2kOKGF2

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