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I’m having issues importing/syncing/etc WP StageCoach?

ANSWER: Since launching our partnership with WP StageCoach we’ve never seen any issues with setting up the actual staging sites — the high quality code of their plugin and slick interface tends to be very reliable. However, there is usually issues with re-importing your staging site back into a live production site due to the custom MySQL settings desired by WP StageCoach’s scripts. Because LittleBizzy hosts hundreds of independent VPS servers for our clients, there is no easy way to constantly keep MySQL settings tuned for best WP StageCoach performance, and we are working actively with their team to optimize their plugin for a more user-friendly experience that avoids the need for MySQL customization. In the meanwhile, however, we recommend NOT using the automated import feature and instead using a free migration plugin to bring your staging site back into your live production site (be sure no data is lost in the process in case your live site is busy with new orders, new comments, etc).

Please keep in mind that we provide WP StageCoach as a free extra service to our clients and that it is not a paid product that we provide active support for. If you have specific questions re: WP StageCoach please contact their team directly, as they provide support for anyone that uses their plugin.

Note: the only issue that we can provide support for is the error that says “you’ve reached your limit on staging sites” which is a notice that we must upgrade our agency account with the WP StageCoach team to allow for a higher number of simultaneous staging sites.

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Last modified:  27 Jul, 2017