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Does LittleBizzy allow WordPress Multi-Site installations?

Sorry, but no we don’t! Multi-Site is a special version of WordPress that is meant for large organizations or complex websites whereby dozens or hundreds of “sub-accounts” or “sub-users” can create a mini website on your domain. Specifically, this is done via subdomains such as andy.example.com or carol.example.com. Some startup companies or otherwise happen across WordPress Multi-Site sometimes and think, “Cool! That would be a nice feature to have!”… but in nearly every case, such a setup ends up failing or being abandoned just a short while later when companies realize a few things:

a) Multi-Site requires advanced WordPress and programming knowledge
b) Multi-Site barely supports any of the common plugins that normal WordPress supports
c) fixes and patches to Multi-Site are very slow coming, and often take years to get improvements
d) 99% of “concepts” involving Multi-Site could be done with a simpler solution such as BuddyPress or basic WordPress
e) etc, etc, etc

Ultimately, our hosting is meant for already-successful small and medium sized businesses looking to get serious about loading speed, SSL, and website management. If you are still “experimenting” with your setup than LittleBizzy is perhaps not the best match for you. And since our policy is “one domain, one database” per VPS server in order to maximize speed and security (and to be able to support you) than we simply can’t afford to allow any WordPress Multi-Site installations. Thanks!

Last modified: 14 Aug, 2015http://bizzy.in/1UHUMEs

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