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How can I access a (CodeGuard.com) backup of my website?

ANSWER: Every website on LittleBizzy comes with a free CodeGuard account which automatically backs up your site every night. If you like, you can also login CodeGuard at anytime and request a manual on-demand backup as well (remember to do this twice, for both your files/FTP and also your database/MySQL). If you want to keep a local backup of your site, simply login to CodeGuard and request the restore/backup option and then you can manually download a zip file of either your website files or the database SQL too. That’s it, piece of cake!

Restorations work the same exact way; you may simply login to CodeGuard and “restore” any version of your site from the past 30 days that you wish. For example, if you accidentally messed up your database or theme files, you can choose to restore either a database version or a file/directory (or the entire site).

If you need help with restorations we can help you as a paid service:


Last modified: 26 Oct, 2017http://bizzy.in/1Q6J8zP

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