Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Can I swap my hosting subscription for a new site?

ANSWER: Sorry, but no. If you have a current hosting subscription i.e. #12345 for example.com and you decide that your website is no longer needed (perhaps you are shutting down the business) but you’d like to bring over a new site such as example.net instead, this is not allowed. Rather, you should cancel your previous subscription and then order a new subscription for the new domain.

The reasons for this are multiple; largely, it is to allow our team to maintain clean and organized billing records. Secondly, it is to avoid confusion between both our support staff and the customers. Thirdly, its to ensure that we are being compensated for the time needed to setup new services on each new domain that joins our network. In other words, you can’t swap an SSL, SFTP, or SendGrid setup onto a new domain to avoid paying our staff for their time required to setup these technologies. The time required does not suddenly become less just because you are swapping out a domain; rather the time required is the same no matter what.

Last modified: 19 Sep, 2016http://bizzy.in/2ckvtfk

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