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I’m seeing an error when trying to import my WP StageCoach site?

ANSWER: This is a known issue. We are trying to work with WP StageCoach to improve their plugin’s functionality on Nginx cloud servers like ours, as currently their plugin is more aimed at cPanel types of shared hosting environments (hosting APIs, etc, which LittleBizzy aims to avoid for speed/stability reasons).

If you see an error such as below, please instead manually import your staging site using a plugin like All In One Migration. This is generally a more “safe” way import your site anyway since it is in your browser and not reliant on server-to-server communications.

We were't able to merge the new changes with the stored changes
WP Stagecoach could not insert the changes from your staging site into your live site's database. You can ask your web host to increase the MySQL buffer length (net_buffer_length) or max packet size (max_allowed_packet), or you can do a manual import.

Array ( [temp_dir] => 1 [upload_path] => OK [disk_space] => 27934453760 [write] => 1 [https] => ALL_GOOD [auth] => Array ( [result] => OK [name] => littlebizzy [expires] => [subscription] => custom [type] => live [stage-site] => [live-site] => [server] => [info] => ) )

Ultimately please realize that we provide WP StageCoach free of charge to LittleBizzy customers as a “bonus” feature, and it is not a part of our hosting services that we offer full support for. If you have suggestions or questions about WP StageCoach you may also contact them directly.

Last modified:  12 Jul, 2016