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One of my plugins is asking me for an SSL Seal?

In short, you don’t need this and it slows down your site. An SSL Seal is just a graphic image provided by some web hosts that says “we are using SSL!!!” or something similar to make your users feel safer. However the browser already shows the HTTPS (SSL) lock symbol which more and more web users now understand to mean “encrypted connection” so claiming you have an SSL is kinda old fashioned and can even make your site seem a bit out of touch with the times, to be honest. Plus, why do you want extra images or javascripts being loaded on your site when it only slows down your loading speed further? In conclusion, LittleBizzy does not offer any SSL Seal however you are free to find one on Google Image Search or likewise (with a legal copyright, of course).

Last modified:  15 Oct, 2015