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Visitors are seeing SSL errors on my site?

At LittleBizzy we use the most modern SSL (TLS) technology available by way of Nginx / Ubuntu servers paired with CloudFlare’s Comodo-signed domain-level SSL certificates. This means that you site is extremely secure and using the best encryption and sipher suites possible. Sometimes we get clients asking us why some of their customers can’t visit their website, because they are seeing SSL connection errors in their browser. This is because their browser is too old and out of date, and need to be upgraded. Now while its possible to “down grade” our SSL technology on our servers to accomodate these out of date (insecure) customers, this not only brings security risks to your website but Google and other companies will also “judge” your site for not using the latest SSL encryption. For this reason we have decided to NOT support any non-updated SSL technology in Nginx / Ubuntu, as we continually upgrade our clients’ servers. So instead, kindly ask your customers to update their web browser to the latest version (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc).

Note: its possible in rare cases that an SSL error is occuring for another reason, such as that your server is misconfigured or that SSL is not setup properly. In still other cases, its possible that CloudFlare has not yet “updated” its system to see your SSL connection. Whatever the case might be, kindly try to access your website a few different times over the course of 20 minutes or so from multiple browsers/computers if possible. If your site is “working” on some but not others, this means your website is in fact working fine and its likely a browser upgrade issue as explained above.

Last modified: 10 Sep, 2015http://bizzy.in/1Q42DJo

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