Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Why don’t you offer server SSH access?

ANSWER: SSH is a very powerful technology for advanced web developers and server administrators. Because our goal at LittleBizzy is to be the technical partner for small and medium businesses that lack in-house IT departments, this means that security and stability are a huge part of what we do; in other words “protecting clients from themselves” is one of our biggest responsibilities. In this light we do not provide SSH access under any circumstances and only provide SFTP access which is more than enough for any common tasks. If you feel that your website/server requires a configuration change such as a new PHP module, please contact our team anytime and let us know and we are happy to explore such changes with you.

Last modified: 16 Oct, 2016http://bizzy.in/2dfPIuZ

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