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Your team is small, what if you disappear?

Sometimes during sales chats, we get a client who says “I love your concept, but your team seems small, what if you disappear?” … they don’t mean anything rude by the question, but its a legitimate concern. Since LittleBizzy is not a massive GoDaddy type of corporation with huge investors and a board of directors, there is (currently) the possibility that a sudden death or emergency could greatly affect our company’s existence. However, the entire design of LittleBizzy’s system is such that the entire process is very automated, intuitive, and backed up. In other words, even if our entire (small) team suddenly disappeared one day, your site would not automatically go down. Firstly, we have a large agency partner account with most of our upstream services i.e. DigitalOcean, MaxCDN, CodeGuard, and so forth. So it would take several days or even weeks for a missed payment on our part to effect your site status. Secondly, and more importantly, we keep all our client sites 100% backed up on CodeGuard at all times (both files and your database) which you can access anytime 24/7. CodeGuard is also PCI compliant, meaning that they have very strict policies in place regarding data retention, customer privacy, and so forth. So your data would never just disappear from CodeGuard without notice. For extra safety, we encourage concerned clients to login to CodeGuard every so often and export a complete download of their website files and database, perhaps once a month, just for peace of mind.

Last modified: 29 Aug, 2015http://bizzy.in/1F5BYWx

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