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How can we check bandwidth, RAM, CPU, SSD usage?

ANSWER: Currently we don’t have a way for clients to check the usage of these common items. Because we have as “raw” a server setup as possible, we don’t install heavy monitoring or control panel scripts for frontend customer usage because it slows down servers and adds more security risks. Plus, most of our clients don’t really have any need for them nor do they understand them per se.

In short, LittleBizzy doesn’t have bandwidth “overage” changes because we force clients behind CloudFlare which drastically decreases server usage. Plus, RAM and CPU usage are less a concern because of CloudFlare as well; also since we are very familiar with typical server usage requirements for WordPress sites, we are very good at knowing what server to recommend to each website.

We do realize this might not comfort the more nerdy customer who wants access to this information, however. The answer, as always, is that there is usually a “plugin for that” and in this case there is.


Last modified:  16 Oct, 2016