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What sorts of “server usage” are not allowed?

ANSWER: As we are a managed WordPress hosting company, we only support WordPress installations and all that it entails (themes, plugins, widgets, etc). If your company or team chooses to use the server as a sort of “storage” service for various downloads or files, this is against our Terms. If you choose to install various scripts that connect or don’t connect to MySQL, this is also against our Terms and neither of the above fall under our Support policy either.

LittleBizzy reserves the right to request a client delete/remove non WordPress files from their server if security/performance are a real concern. While in certain cases, our team may choose to allow this (temporarily), or may not even know about it in other cases, it doesn’t mean that it is condoned, encouraged, or supported. If you then contact our team asking for help because such non WordPress files have caused a server crash, database problems, or other issue, our response may be to ask you to upgrade to a stronger plan for performance reasons, and/or delete such files, and/or cancel your hosting account if no solution is found between us.

Ultimately, security and performance of our entire network of servers is our top focus and we seek customers who feel the same. Please work with us to keep LittleBizzy a top notch WordPress hosting company and not a “file storage” or “general web server” company full of bugs, security holes, and problems.

Please also note that in the case a hosting account must be shut off, our no refunds policy still applies.

Last modified:  2 Nov, 2016